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Book Giveaway Worth USD 20 One of the highlights of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week or BBAW is the huge (and I mean HUUUGGGEEEE) bunch of contests and games. Most blogs, if not all, would host one or two, with books and other swags as the major prizes. But the real strength of BBAW is the growing community of bloggers and readers who are committed to make reading a pleasure that should be enjoyed by everyone. Here in The Traveling Reader, I would like to take part in th … Read More

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Not Here

I’m just saving this URL but I’m not sure I want to stick with WordPress. It’s really nice here but Blogspot is just easier to work with.

If you’re free, do visit my present blog. 🙂

I lost

I wanted to experience a job that would really make me happy. Something with challenges and results.
I don’t mind the salary.
Just give me what’s due.

I had started loving it.
I was getting along with it.

But reality bites.
The manages “bites”.


so what if i’m a twentysomething?
so what if i’m JUST an assistant.

I have come to see the madness of this world.

I thought you were somebody worth respecting.
well you are.
i don’t know.

Miss Lyndee said you were a Winner.
I mean, HER winner.

I agreed at first.

But when you said we were not intrinsic individuals in the company, i began to think twice.

now am i beginning to sound arrogant?

i know that’s what you want to see and hear from me.




well, that would be fine with me.

to hell with miss dianne.

I thought you people were the ones i could trust but i guess im wrong. i never really thought that i’d come to a point wherein i would keep a grudge on somebody.

well, you’ve hurt an innocent soul.
wrong move.
this might be an innocent soul
but this is a smart soul your talking about.

now i’m beginning to act arrogant


wel, i just act whenever im with you

seriously, i was really hurt.

i can’t even express it right now because i feel like crying

even heroes have the right to bleed.

now, where the heck is the issue on discrimination?

more next time because i can’t take the thought anymore.

to hell with you
and all the other two-horned oldies there.
MS (edited March 30, 2011. deleted the name. conscience seeped in after 4 years, forgiven)
tupperware oldie

“I am but a traveller”

Ever heard of that line from the song?
I am..
in most every way..
i don’t know where to go
and i don’t know where im heading
is that really how it should be?

i have laid down my plans
yet i am not sure if these plans are right

i dont even know where to start

how will i save the world..

do i have a role to fulfill?

am i just a mere traveller?

Gotham City

why would i wanna be clad in an sexy black outfit when still i can wear pink? who care. does anuone care? id lok odd in pink but id love it. with just the right hue? well, id look like a bat-pig. skinny one at that. liv in gotham city. be the heroine. no way.

id live in my own little world where there is peace

but peace can never be attained

there would be no doorlocks
no gates
no police
no money

we need a little chaos sometimes
well, maybe we still need the heroine of a nameless city
clad in pink
ready to save the day.